Donate a Bicycle

Aham Bhumika launches the "Donate a Bi-Cycle Campaign"

During our 1st phase we collected 38 bicycles including 16 small bicycles. The small bicycles were provided to the Anganwadi Centers to make the child attending anganwadi centers friendly, while 22 bicycles were distributed to the student of Government Middle School, Kajalikhera, Kolar Road, Bhopal who have to walk long distances to attend the school. The distribution was carried out on 15th of August ’09.

A bicycle can help transform the life of a student who would otherwise skip school to avoid travelling across villages.

We repair old bicycles as well and distribute them to the village children who need to walk great distances to attend their school.

During the 2nd phase of our campaign we had set a target of collecting at least 50 bicycles both big and small, new and old.

If you would like to contribute in any way kindly get in touch with us.