Our Supporters

The most difficult job in this world is to trust a sentence containing future tense. An even more difficult thing is to invest in an organization which doesn’t have the privilege of using glamorous proper nouns in a sentence. They are people who are changing verb forms. We thank them for their support!

We’re thankful to the people who have supported us to successfully carry out our initiatives till now. Each name mentioned here have in helped us transform lives of underprivileged people in rural in some way. Please join us to thank them.

We wish that this list will continue to grow longer with each day. Thank you everyone. Besides these names some of our supporters have decided to remain anonymous, we thank them for all their support. (This list is not complete so you might not see a few names here, it will be updated shortly.)

  • Logo & Woolen Cloth Donation poster design: Grace Oris, Philipines
  • Blog Design: Shri Afzal Khan,Bhopal  and Shri Vikas Nagale, Bhopal | Blog Content: Ms. Radhika, Mumbai
  • Our Website (Under Construction) and Fund Raising Poster: Mr. Vipin Sharma (IT Genie Group), New Delhi
  • Poster – Grain Bank: Niharika Mishra, Kolkata
  • Donate bicycle campaign Logo: Shri Neil Dantas, Mumbai
  • Fund Raising Volunteer: Ayushi Baranwal, New Delhi
  • Monetary Contributions: Kapil, Dhawan, (Gurgaon, Haryana) | Mr. Sujoy Mukherjee (New Jersy, USA) | Mr. Vivek Verma (London, UK) | Mr. Anil Aneja (HOD, SOL, Delhi University)