The Embroidery Project

aboutus The Embroidery Project is a small yet meaningful endeavor of Ahambhumika wherein a small group of rural women and girls living on the outskirts of Bhopal are trained in hand embroidery work. The women and girls trained belong to the lowest income stratum of the community. Currently, they are being taught to master Gond Art embroidery, which is a tribal art form of central India.

Ahambhumika's Embroidery Project aims to turn this severely under-resourced section of the society into a self- reliant one. Once taught, these women carry such skills with them to other places where they settle and teach on. The augmented earnings through embroidery and other skills taught have a direct bearing on their quality of living as well as affording better education and healthcare for themselves and their siblings.

There are 25 artisans in this group and we are making effort to source regular work for them. This earning-via-training project follows a plough-back principle - all profits earned from sales of embroidered work is re-invested to train more rural women and girls thus providing them a regular source of self-sustenance.

The samples exhibited here are primarily of their Gond Art embroidery on cushion covers as well as some needle work of floral and geometric patterns.

Here's How You Can Help This Project:

  • You may support us by making a purchase of the hand-embroidered cushion covers by our rural women.
  • You may assist us by working as intern and/or suggesting designs, especially if you are a designer willing to help.
  • If you are the owner of a boutique or apparel company, you may source work for us.
  • You can also help us by spreading word about this project among your friend and colleagues.
  • If you are a corporate body, you can gift our product to your staff.

If you have any query please mail